I'll be posting build logs of my more complete projects here.

HDD Self-Destruction: Attempt 3

My most recent self-destruct rig.

I wanted to use the rest of my thermite for this one (it was starting to get pretty oxidized) so I cut my limited-collateral-damage requirement and went all out with a thermite volume about 20 times greater than my initial attempt.

Linear Pilot Valve Air Cannon

My first [successfull] attempt at building a custom pilot valve. Similar to my first "compact" air cannon, the LAW I but 6" shorter and 30% lighter courtesty of the internal valve.

Air Cannon Booby Trap

A trip wire triggered air cannon I built when I was a lot younger. (I just found it in my basement)

Elegant? No. Cool? YES.

Infrared Triggered Airsoft Claymore

I spent a summer building this before I headed off to college.

It's a motion sensing mine that shoots a blast of airsoft bbs at it's target.
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